Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snap Back to Reality...

Woop there goes gravity.
Gotta love some Eminem to bring you back down.

Well life is back to what seems to be it's usual craziness. I swear my life can't stay normal for long. I am trying my best to find a happy balance between work/friends/dating/church/music/figuring out school..etc..how do people do it?! I've been on this TV series kick, the latest of which is Big Bang Theory. It takes over a lot of my time. Ha. Or maybe that's just my laziness? :) probably. Me and my roomie Alicia are both watching it. Some nights we both sit in our rooms...both on our computers..both laughing our heads off..separately. Creepy? Nah..that's funny stuff. If you haven't seen it - you NEED to.

So I have been atrocious at blogging. Eh I'll get it eventually. LOTS to update on. First of all..kristen stirling you better be reading this because it's mostly for you. Stay sane while you are gone please..I miss you. A whole lot.

I figured out that I have literally moved 7 times since graduating high school. And I mean..I am only 20 (almost 21..yeeeeah) so that's kind of ridiculous. I am living with 2 other girls and have my own room. LOVE IT. I am still not in school..I'll get there. Next fall actually is the plan. Full time student. Waddup. I'm working at a fabulous restaurant called La Jolla Groves. I hostess and work in their bakery. It's honestly so much fun..everyone there (you know with the few exceptions) is amazing. Annnd I just got a second job for a different restaurant called Gurus. It for real has been my favorite place in Provo basically since I got here so I am way excited about it. I am their event planner. They have live music once a week and lots of fun stuff and I get to book bands and plan all of it! The owner really wants creative stuff - so if anyone has fun ideas let me know. So thats my work life..which really is my life right now. ha

Mike and I are back together. Its been really good. We are happy :) If you would like more details..please skype or call me. haha

I am playing on two intramural teams right now. A coed soccer team and a womens basketball team. I have a basketball game tonight. WOOT WOOT. I have also found out how much I hate the BYU intramural office. The most ridiculous thing ever happened...I didn't put my bishops name on my original form so they wouldnt let me play in two of my basketball games. Then they didn't process my form. Honestly I better get my money back from my stupid fee that I had to pay because of all of this stupid crap. I literally had to have my bishop call and confirm that I am in his ward..so dumb. Anyways wish me luck.

Been doing a lot of life pondering. My best friend since second grade got baptized a couple months ago. Can't believe it but I am SO EXCITED for her. I couldn't help but think if I would have had the courage and faith to be baptized now if I wasn't already a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I'm not sure. But I am so glad and feel so blessed to have the Gospel in my life. I realize the effect we may have on others..even if we don't know it. It's cliche I know..but so true.

I'm off. I have to take Mike to class. Love you all and I will update again very soon because really I have so much more to tell!!