Monday, July 12, 2010

so HOT my otterpops melt.

So apparently I'm the worst at this blog thing. I'm going to try to get good at it. I promise. 

This summer has been crazy! Went to Lake Powell with the fam/friends/Ottesons. Which mom has ALL the pictures of. (p.s. mom i want those) We did a pyramid again this year. My roommate Lisa came, and Ky's friend Trev. And of course Anna. Brook can't go anywhere without her I swear.

Summertime..There has been a lot of longboarding and swimming..

lots of guitar playing and singing and otterpops

and LOTS of skyping.

I realize my last post was literally in i may have some catching up to do. I'll just have to give a little rundown. LP was a big event. A whole week with the fam (minus kri/lan/soph/pipe or that kri?) is bound to be a big event. Sadly it was also minus Becky this year. So glad she is feeling better now. Mike came home for his cousins wedding a little while back. So fun.
of course i took like 4 pictures. It wasn't a priority..he was home for 1 day.

Kri had surgery last week :( her poor nose. It got overhauled.
But after this I might be the one with the broken nose. (Maybe you should think twice next time about pics on my camera eh? haha)

In other news Mom gets to go to Boston AGAIN. Really Mom? She gets to see my nieces. I'm just waiting for my turn.

Macey came home to visit..finally.
I missed that girl. But she is going back to Brazil this week for the rest of the summer. Bummer. Good thing I have Kyle and the boys here in Provo.

And drumroll please...I am going to Chicago on Wednesday! Yay. So excited. Well that's the quick-ish update. Life is good.


  1. Wow. I got a Lot of mentionings on the ol blog today. Almost NONE of which were appreciated! Nice job on the picture come back. I look like a whale. I've learned my lesson.

  2. wow. i can't believe you put that nasty picture of me on here. thanks buddy.
    (kristen..she just puts the grossest pictures on of the people she loves most. that's what i think)

    p.s. i love when you actualy blog. :)