Monday, July 12, 2010

so HOT my otterpops melt.

So apparently I'm the worst at this blog thing. I'm going to try to get good at it. I promise. 

This summer has been crazy! Went to Lake Powell with the fam/friends/Ottesons. Which mom has ALL the pictures of. (p.s. mom i want those) We did a pyramid again this year. My roommate Lisa came, and Ky's friend Trev. And of course Anna. Brook can't go anywhere without her I swear.

Summertime..There has been a lot of longboarding and swimming..

lots of guitar playing and singing and otterpops

and LOTS of skyping.

I realize my last post was literally in i may have some catching up to do. I'll just have to give a little rundown. LP was a big event. A whole week with the fam (minus kri/lan/soph/pipe or that kri?) is bound to be a big event. Sadly it was also minus Becky this year. So glad she is feeling better now. Mike came home for his cousins wedding a little while back. So fun.
of course i took like 4 pictures. It wasn't a priority..he was home for 1 day.

Kri had surgery last week :( her poor nose. It got overhauled.
But after this I might be the one with the broken nose. (Maybe you should think twice next time about pics on my camera eh? haha)

In other news Mom gets to go to Boston AGAIN. Really Mom? She gets to see my nieces. I'm just waiting for my turn.

Macey came home to visit..finally.
I missed that girl. But she is going back to Brazil this week for the rest of the summer. Bummer. Good thing I have Kyle and the boys here in Provo.

And drumroll please...I am going to Chicago on Wednesday! Yay. So excited. Well that's the quick-ish update. Life is good.

Monday, May 24, 2010


That's right. It snowed today. FOR REAL? It's May 24 people. I had to scrape my windshield and everything. The whole 9 yards.

So a little update on my life...

I went to Chicago. Here are some highlights from the trip (well the ones I caught on camera anyway)
This might give you the wrong impression of Chi-town. It's actually a pretty clean city.

 My new friend Lauren loves Ben&Jerry's :)

The famous bean!

I love the contrast of park/city.

Me and GRUMPY Tyson. HA.
So now I'm back in Provo. Back to office depot and real life it seems. You know what I really miss though? 


Yep. You are welcome Stef.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Moms Day


I love mothers day.  Weird I know. Because I'm not a mom yet. But it gives me a great excuse to call my Mom (even though I call her every day) along with my two Grandmas and my Sis. Plus the women always get goodies in church :) today we got little bags of gummy bears that had a note that said "have a beary happy mothers day" haha. Gotta love it. Happy Mothers Day to all the moms!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Windy City

Well. I'm heading to Chicago. Yep. 

Mike is changing over to be a technician instead of a salesman (dang summer sales) and now needs his car. Which is here in PROVO. Plan is for him to fly home and both of us to drive it out there.  Then I'll stay a few days and fly back.  
I said I would just drive it out there...but Mom said no. HaHa Plus that idea made Mike a little nervous I think. 22 hours is a long way to go by yourself. It's still a long way to go with two. So wish us luck :) I'm excited!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Hippie Day

So I moved in with the greatest girl. Her name is Lisa.

she is coming to lake powell with us!
Let me just tell you about our day yesterday.  We made a list of summer things to do..called 
Ha I'm not quite sure what it means but it felt right.
This is a list of activities that we have already 1 day.

1. Run to grasshopper getaway
2. Longboard to a park
3. Make friendship bracelets
4. Nap in a park
5. Master longboarding
6. Longboard to FHE
7. Play missionary tag
8. Longboard home
9. Have a ducktape extravaganza
10. Decorate our apartment

This is what happens when Jon steals your camera.

I mostly just like this because Jordan looks super creepy.

Do you see why she is turning me into a hippie? Oh I'm not complaining. If my summer continues this way it might be dubbed the best summer of all time.

The only possible way that this summer could be improved would be to have everyone else back with me! Mike, Mace, Stef..Ok..and Corb and Tys. :)

Thursday, April 29, 2010


I can't believe where everyone is right now.  Macey is in BrazilStef went to Israel. Intense..
I've got friends all over this planet :)

If only I could go somewhere exciting.  Ha.  Well Salt Lake tomorrow...
Look at this.  So pretty.  

So my life has been so JAM PACKED with birthdays its been crazy!  Kri, Ky, Mama, Marg, Rach, and now guess who's turn it is...
This little beauty.  Otherwise known as Brook.  Boosnaps. Booberry Muffin. Brookiedoodlepie.  Boo. Brookie. Booseph. Sparky. Sparks. She is the best girl.  

I realize this blog post is all over the place but that seems to be the pattern my life is taking right now. I moved into a new apartment this week!  I now live with my good friend Lisa.  I finally TODAY got all my stuff unpacked and organized for the most part. I figured I should start out the summer with some sheets on my bed. I've been sleeping in a bed with no sheets for 3 days. It's not as bad as you would think...I'm only 20...I can sleep anywhere on basically anything.

And I believe I owe a certain boy named Corbin a shout out...whiner..
Just kiddin. Miss you guys.
Well I'm out. Time for a little movie with my girls. :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Can you feel it?

This morning it hit me.  Everyone that means something to me here (with a few exceptions of course) is leaving.  And it makes me SO sad. The last 4 months have been the BEST. I feel like a piece of me is gonna drive away this week. But I have to think about all of the good things from the last little bit. (I realize how obsessed I am with shout outs. hehe)


I love all of you so much. You can't possibly understand how much you have done for me.  You guys make me stronger and I will miss all of you (except you fanny! haha) We all need to skype/call/email/facebook whatever it takes to stay in touch. This is why I love you guys...

Mace - Our high-pitched voices and frowns (WHO WILL DO THAT WITH ME NOW!?)

Rach - Letting me use your blow dryer...and kisses on the cheek.  (still the best picture)

 Marg - We fit like a puzzle piece :)

Stefalafagus - Just for being there.  Also you make me laugh till I pee sometimes. ha

 Becca - You are my personal stylist sometimes. And I love your face.



I was a little tiny bit worried about moving in with total strangers - but you all are the sweetest, nicest girls. And I could not have had better roomies :). Rach for putting up with ALL MY CRAP.  Cici for all the boy talks.  Kelli for all the baked goods and random dancing.  Stef for the skittells ;). And all of you for the laughs.  Love you guys.


I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with all my time when you leave. :) You are the best.  And here's why.  You made my birthday the BEST day.  I love surprises.
We can just go play in a park and it's the best day.  Watching Chuck.  You can tell when something is buggin me.  Riding a bike. HAHA.  You love lime chips as much as me.  Road trips to Oregon :).  You make me smile..a lot.  So many sunglasses.  Festival of colors...even though you probly didn't want to go.  Orchestra concerts.  COD at the palace.  And I might regret this later...but even Dragon Strike.

I'm gonna miss you :(

This summer is going to be a good one though.  I'm starting fresh.  Living somewhere new and going to school will be a big change.  And I'm so excited :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

AHHH. The Strep Life.

Since this will be my first official blogpost..EVER..I was having a hard time deciding what to write about.  Then it hit me. It doesn't matter what I write about.  This is my way of telling people whats up.  So this is now my official what's up/what's down place. There might even be a little filling for the middle. Think of it as an Oreo - its all in the luck of the twist. Come and go as you pleaseAlthough I'm sure my good friend STEF will be here a little bit more than the average reader (love you buddy).