Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Hippie Day

So I moved in with the greatest girl. Her name is Lisa.

she is coming to lake powell with us!
Let me just tell you about our day yesterday.  We made a list of summer things to do..called 
Ha I'm not quite sure what it means but it felt right.
This is a list of activities that we have already done..in 1 day.

1. Run to grasshopper getaway
2. Longboard to a park
3. Make friendship bracelets
4. Nap in a park
5. Master longboarding
6. Longboard to FHE
7. Play missionary tag
8. Longboard home
9. Have a ducktape extravaganza
10. Decorate our apartment

This is what happens when Jon steals your camera.

I mostly just like this because Jordan looks super creepy.

Do you see why she is turning me into a hippie? Oh I'm not complaining. If my summer continues this way it might be dubbed the best summer of all time.

The only possible way that this summer could be improved would be to have everyone else back with me! Mike, Mace, Stef..Ok..and Corb and Tys. :)


  1. Ahhhhhhhh i love summa swaggin. i especially like wearing matching clothing and emailing and team talking and that the strange man is gone

  2. p.s. wein is me, your roommate. i can't figure out how to change my name