Monday, April 19, 2010

Can you feel it?

This morning it hit me.  Everyone that means something to me here (with a few exceptions of course) is leaving.  And it makes me SO sad. The last 4 months have been the BEST. I feel like a piece of me is gonna drive away this week. But I have to think about all of the good things from the last little bit. (I realize how obsessed I am with shout outs. hehe)


I love all of you so much. You can't possibly understand how much you have done for me.  You guys make me stronger and I will miss all of you (except you fanny! haha) We all need to skype/call/email/facebook whatever it takes to stay in touch. This is why I love you guys...

Mace - Our high-pitched voices and frowns (WHO WILL DO THAT WITH ME NOW!?)

Rach - Letting me use your blow dryer...and kisses on the cheek.  (still the best picture)

 Marg - We fit like a puzzle piece :)

Stefalafagus - Just for being there.  Also you make me laugh till I pee sometimes. ha

 Becca - You are my personal stylist sometimes. And I love your face.



I was a little tiny bit worried about moving in with total strangers - but you all are the sweetest, nicest girls. And I could not have had better roomies :). Rach for putting up with ALL MY CRAP.  Cici for all the boy talks.  Kelli for all the baked goods and random dancing.  Stef for the skittells ;). And all of you for the laughs.  Love you guys.


I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with all my time when you leave. :) You are the best.  And here's why.  You made my birthday the BEST day.  I love surprises.
We can just go play in a park and it's the best day.  Watching Chuck.  You can tell when something is buggin me.  Riding a bike. HAHA.  You love lime chips as much as me.  Road trips to Oregon :).  You make me smile..a lot.  So many sunglasses.  Festival of colors...even though you probly didn't want to go.  Orchestra concerts.  COD at the palace.  And I might regret this later...but even Dragon Strike.

I'm gonna miss you :(

This summer is going to be a good one though.  I'm starting fresh.  Living somewhere new and going to school will be a big change.  And I'm so excited :)


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  2. wow. dude. where did you get that nasty grits picture of me ? hahah

    i'm so vain.

    BUT ... in a few weeks i will be back and we will PLAY EVERYDAY ( ok- maybe even two times a day) hehe.

    but seriously.

    i'm feeling the same. in just about every single way you mentioned :( but change is suppose to be good? right? maybe ? hahaha.

    love you buddy :)